(573) 288-2115
200 Lewis Street,   Canton, Missour

(573) 288-2115   200 Lewis Street  Canton, Missouri

Our Difference

Ever watch that movie The Wizard of Oz?  Of course you have.  Do you remember what the longest theme of the movie was?  It was Dorothy and the gang's journey and process they had to go through to get to the Wizard of Oz.  Sometimes in large business operations, including collision repair shops, getting to see the owner is kind of like that long, scary journey of finding the wizard in Oz. 

At Mohr's Collision Care, the owner, Jason Mohr, will be one of the few select people actually working on your car.  Not a lot of collision repair shops can say the owner is one of the people actually doing the work on your vehicle.  What does this mean for you?  It means you know that you are getting the very highest level of care and quality of work performed through owner intense involvement.

We promise a Quick Turn Around service on your vehicle.  We want to make the repair process as painless on your schedule as possible and get you back to your way of life.  We offer the highest touch time within a given time frame compared to others.  What this means is that rather than working on your car a little bit over the course of several days, we prefer to offer an intense work function concentrated on your vehicle.  This relates to more hours worked per day on your vehicle to ensure it gets back in your hands before we start working on other vehicles.  We view this as a type of first-in, first-out mentality.

We are a small business in a rural community that relies on satisfied return customers.  We accomplish this by knowing our customers by name, treating them as our family, and offering the same level of friendly service to everyone they recommend to us.



(573) 288-2115 200 Lewis Street - Canton, Missouri